Monday, December 28, 2015

Tech: Ragnar’s Revenge PC Case

This beauty is the winner of Bit-tech’s annual awards for both best casemod and custom case as well as the winner of German Casemod Championship.  Ali Abbas calls his Viking-themed wooden case Ragnar’s Revenge, and it is a sight to behold.  It features mechanical swiveling wings that reveal the system's interior.  The design isn't exactly nautical, but it's primary purpose is conceal the PC’s components behind eye candy.  Check out the video and photos below.

"This is the first intro Video i made of RAGNAR`S REVENGE. Its a scratch build i just completed and is going to the annual German Casemodding Championship in August 2015. It all about the Viking way of life, traditions, philosophy and weapons as well as folk lore. I called it Ragnars Revenge because of what happened betweek Rollo his brother and himself. Even though it has some elements which will remind you of the Histroy Channel series VIKINS, ist not becessarily confined to the show but essentially an overall VIKING themed case. Built from absolut scratch up, it has elements which did indeed exist and of course also those elements which we commonly asociate with viking even though they arent true like helmets with horns. Hope you like it."

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