Monday, December 28, 2015

Sweets: Gingerbread Overlook Hotel

Source: Imgur via Reddit

This fantastic gingerbread recreation of the Overlook Hotel from Stephen King's The Shining is made entirely of edible ingredients. The entire diorama is made of gingerbread, icing, fondant, edible paper, Rice Krispies Treats, and different kinds of candy. The Overlook Hotel building measures nearly four feet long. Its exterior walls are covered with fondant and icing, the roof is covered with quinoa and powdered sugar, and the windows are made of melted Jolly Ranchers candies.   Even the blood is candy.

The gingerbread hotel  includes five interior rooms featuring scenes from the movie, complete with little edible Jack, Wendy, Danny and evil twins.  The whole thing took two weeks to build from still frames taken from the movie.

This sweet diorama was a family holiday project, part of an annual Christmas tradition in which they make ornate gingerbread structures. 

Walls are covered with fondant and icing, roof is covered with quinoa and powdered sugar, windows are made of melted jolly ranchers.

There are five interior rooms that depict scenes from the movie!

The first room is the hallway with the creepy little girls.

"Come and play with us Danny..." Wallpaper printed on edible paper!

Another interior room on the side of the hotel.

Jack and Wendy in the bathroom!

"Here's Johnny!"

The building is almost 4 feet long.

Room 237

Carpet and pictures printed on edible paper!

Jack standing in the doorway to the bathroom.

Jack is scared!

The decaying old woman in the tub!!!

Jack and the dead woman... imagine the creepy laughing from the movie.

Here's the three story ballroom.

What's inside?

Wendy and a bunch of skeletons and cobwebs!

Dead people everywhere!

View from the top floor.

And of course no gingerbread Overlook Hotel would be complete without the elevator spilling blood...

Blood made of melted jolly ranchers.

View of the maze from above. Made entirely from green Rice Krispie Treats.

Danny running out of the hedge maze.

Frozen Jack in the middle of the maze.

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy!!!

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