Monday, December 28, 2015

Comic Round-Up: December 28, 2015

Batman Vs. Superman by JP Valderrama

"Batman Vs. Superman" by JP Valderrama

News: Dundee University Looks To Appoint A Director Of Comic Studies

News: Man picked up for shoplifting comics found to be in possession of heroin.

5 Star Wars: The Force Awakens Comics Marvel Needs To Make Right Now

10 Facts You Didn’t Know About Marvel

20 Best Superhero Stories of 2015 (In Any Medium)

25 Greatest Deadpool Stories Master List

75 Greatest Captain America Stories Master List

2016 Superhero Overload: Has Hollywood Gone Too Far?

Director Tim Miller Breaks Down Everything in the New Deadpool Trailer

From Dick to Damian: A History of Robin, Batman's Superstar Sidekick

George Gene Gustines looks at the recent surge in gay and trans characters in comics, and how that expands the types of stories that can be told — as well as the potential audience

How Spider-Man's New Costume Will Be Different Than Previous Versions

The Top Five Best Superhero Battle Cries and More Top Five Lists

Washington Post pulls Ann Telnaes cartoon critical of presidential candidate Ted Cruz's use of his children in campaign material.  Ted Cruz posted a cartoon in response to Ann Telnaes' cartoon about his deployment of his children in campaign material -- a cartoon then pulled by the Washington Post.  Jordan Sargent points out that Cruz was one of those that backed the Free Speech elements of previous cartoons when they fit his anti-Islamist narratives.

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