Thursday, December 24, 2015

Video Round-Up: December 24, 2015

Marvel Comics' wise-cracking anti-hero Deadpool verbally battles Boba Fett, the mysterious bounty hunter from the Star Wars saga, in the latest episode of Nice Peter and Epic Lloyd's popular parody series, "Epic Rap Battles of History."

The Best Fail Videos of 2015 - Fail Army presents part one of their annual year-end roundup of the cringe-inducingest fail videos that hit the Internet in 2015.

Carpool Karaoke with One Direction - Host of The Late Late Show, James Corden, and the members of the English-Irish pop boy band, One Direction, sing some the band's biggest hits, and perform some choreographed dancing, while carpooling through Los Angeles.

Cat Spends Months Tearing a Cardboard Box Into Little Pieces - YouTube user taoufix used the 1 Second Everyday app to film his box-obsessed cat, Elliot, completely destroy a large cardboard box over the course of three months. "Elliot likes to tear up cardboard boxes. This is his third one, and this time I managed to film it. It took him roughly three months to finish the job."

Celebrities Read Mean Tweets About Themselves #9 - Jimmy Kimmel presents the 9th edition of his popular "Mean Tweets" segment, where he asks famous people to read some of the not-so-nice things that have been said about them on Twitter. This time around, the celebrities include Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Daniel Radcliffe, Colin Farrell, Kurt Russell, Kirsten Dunst, Matthew Perry, Sean Penn, Liv Tyler, and more.

'Downton Abbey’ Stars Play Cards Against Humanity - Actors from the British drama series Downton Abbey, Kevin Doyle (Mr. Molesley), Michelle Dockery, (Lady Mary Crawley), and Allen Leech (Tom Branson), play a few funny rounds of the popular (and often raunchy) card game, Cards Against Humanity.

Girl Invents Terrifying Automatic Food Chopping Machine - Swedish inventor and electronics enthusiast Simone Giertz, of Breakfast Machine and Wake-Up Machine fame, reveals and demonstrates her latest invention, The Chopping Machine. Simone humorously explains how she made this invention on her blog. "As a lifelong vegetarian, I’ve spent a significant amount of time chopping, mincing and dicing all varieties of vegetables. Eating healthy is boring enough in itself, why does preparing healthy food have to be such a tedium?"

Kitten Attacks Grown-Up Cat with Ninja-Like Precision - Zhaan, the rambunctious kitten, slides out from under an ottoman on his back to mercilessly attack the tail of his grown-up cat housemate, Mr. Cullen.

Poor Pig Pops His New Ball - Max, the pig, from Edgar’s Mission, a non-profit animal sanctuary in Lancefield, Victoria, Australia, was recently gifted a big bouncy ball, which he had a ton of fun playing with until it popped under his hefty weight. You can help buy Max a new, stronger ball for Christmas by making a donation to Edgar’s Mission on their website.

Puppy Wants to Eat With the Big Dogs - When this fluffy malamute puppy decides he doesn't want to dine alone, he picks up his little food dish and carries it closer to the grown-up dogs.

The Six Craziest Christmas Traditions - Comedian Mike Trapp from College Humor takes a look at six of the strangest Christmas traditions celebrated around the world, including the Caganer figurine from Catalonia.

Sneaky Dog Switches Places in Line to Get Extra Treats - One of these shetland sheepdogs (aka shelties) has cleverly figured out a way to get a few bonus treats from his human.

Truck Flipper vs. Bus Puncher - In the latest short film from digital movie studio, RocketJump, two rival movie executives battle to produce the greatest flip-inducing vehicle punch in movie history.

Wiener Dog Chariot - In this cute video from South Africa, three miniature dachshunds "with the combined stamina of an ox and speed of a greyhound" pull girls around on skateboards like horses pulling a chariot.

Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg Take Turns Insulting at Each Other - In this clip from Scott Mills’ BBC Radio show, actors Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg, who are currently in the U.K. promoting their new film, Daddy's Home, play the "Playground Insults Game" where they take turns trying to make each other laugh by coming up with the best insults for each other.

Woman Laughs Hysterically at Her Numb Face After Leaving the Dentist - After getting a filling replaced at the dentist, Kara West couldn't help but laugh hysterically at the anesthetic-induced numbness of half of her face.

Zach King’s Best Vines of 2015 - Visual effects artist and popular Viner Zach King, aka Final Cut King, presents a collection of his best and favorite 6-second Vine videos that he created in 2015.

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