Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Video Round-Up: December 29, 2015

CollegeHumor has created an animated Star Wars: The Force Awakens parody video featuring the character of Kylo Ren pitching a plan to destroy the Resistance with a gang of bounty hunters. But as he reads their names, he begins to realize the utter absurdity of most characters' names in the Star Wars universe.

Chubby Cat Desperately Wants a Bite of Guy’s Sandwich - This cute cat joins his human at the dinner table in hopes of sharing his sandwich with him, but has to resort to some gentle clawing and begging to convince him to hand over a bite.

Disney's VertiGo, A Wall-Climbing Robot - The VertiGo is a wall-climbing robot created by ETH Zurich and Disney Research that can easily transition from driving on the ground to maneuvering up a wall. The robot gets its wall-crawling abilities from two propellers that provide thrust up against the wall, allowing the VertiGo to defy gravity.

Dog Blows Bubbles with His Nose - In this video from Russia, an Australian shepherd dog shows off his amusing trick of blowing bubbles in a creek with his nose.

Dogs Doing Amazing Tricks and Stunts in Slow Motion - To help promote the upcoming Purina Incredible Dog Challenge (on January 2nd on NBC), filmmaker Devin Graham put together a highlight real of some of this year's canine competitors dock diving, performing frisbee tricks, and running agility courses.

F the Internet - Diane Millhouse (comedian Elizabeth McDonough) gives a pretty compelling argument for why you should say "f**k the Internet."

Grandma Gets Her Mind Blown by Virtual Reality - While visiting with family on Christmas morning, Mark Nutt gave his 88-year-old grandmother, Marie, the chance to experience virtual reality for the first time. In this short clip she reacts pricelessly while watching a roller coaster simulation with a Google Cardboard VR headset.

Hollywood Nights Time-Lapse - Welcome to Hollywood - from the Hollywood Boulevard, the Sunset Strip and the Hollywood Hills not to mention the Hollywood Tower, this time-lapse by iVideoMaking has the lot. You may think that this was all filmed in one hectic evening but even these masters of time-lapse couldn’t quite manage that – all told this took approximately 60 nights to capture. The result is, however, amazing.

Honest Trailer for Die Hard - Screen Junkies gives their Honest Trailers treatment to the original Die Hard film from 1988. "Wrap out the holiday season with the best Christmas movie of all time – Die Hard! Yeah, we said it!"

Inside Out In 30 Seconds  - Burger Fiction condenses the Pixar film Inside Out into 30 seconds (the full video is actually 59 seconds).

A Lightsaber For Time Lords -  Let’s raise a glass to Kenneth Hampton of Hampton’s Hand-Crafted Lightsabers, who built this gorgeously mashed up Time Lord Custom Lightsaber.

Men Hilariously Fail at Testing Hard Hat - For unknown reasons, a guy volunteered to test the effectiveness of his hard hat by having a co-worker whack him on the head with a broom handle.

Molten Copper vs Antifreeze Engine Coolant - Tito4re takes a look at what happens when molten copper is poured into antifreeze engine coolant.

Photographing 12,000 Animals Is Hard Work - Joe Sartore, a wildlife journalist and photographer for National Geographic, is on an ambitious mission to capture images of over 12,000 captive endangered animals, before each species is gone for good. The project, called Photo Ark, is ongoing and on a global scale.

The Tap Awakens - a tap dance medley of iconic Star Wars by Postmodern Jukebox featuring tap dancer Sarah Reich.

This is What Outer Space Does to Your Body - Astronaut Leland Melvin explains some of the physical changes that happen to a person’s body in space in a video by Great Big Story. In zero gravity, the human spine stretches, eyesight is altered, and the heart changes shape.

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