Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Link Round-Up: December 23, 2015

"Quick scene i did for fun short after watched the latest trailer of that movie !"

News: Papa John’s Has a Thingiverse Page! 3D Printing Enthusiasts Wonder if This Sets a Worrisome Precedent

News: USA Today Is Trolling The Hell Out Of Star Wars Fans

Building and Flying a 15' Remote Control Star Destroyer

A Gallery of Jaw-Dropping Concept Art From Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Make Zine demonstrates how to make a Captain Phasma Chrome Helmet
Martin L. Shoemaker's "Today I Am Paul" and Rich Larson's "Meshed" explore the emotional impact of technological developments within relatively familiar futures, and Caroline M. Yoachim's "Seven Wonders of a Once and Future World" draws on a wide variety of SF motifs to make the future a strange and sometimes poignant allegory for wonders of the past. Each story has been selected for an upcoming year's best SF anthology—either Rich Horton's or Neil Clarke's—and two received mention earlier this year from the unverified @gardnerdozois.

No Aim Required: Building the Z6 Riot Control Baton from Episode VII

Radio Free Death Star: A Brief History of NPR’s Star Wars:  In 1981, NPR affiliate station KUSC hatched a bold plan to adapt George Lucas’ Star Wars for radio. Easily the most visual film of the last decade, Star Wars as a listening experience seemed like an unlikely idea, but Lucas sold them the rights to adapt the hit movie for one dollar, and opened the Lucasfilm vaults to the show’s producers: Star Wars sound effects would be available to them in their raw form, along with every note of John Williams’ music. The cast was a mixture of original Star Wars cast members, Hollywood veterans, and future TV and movie stars still in the early stages of their careers. Novelist Brian Daley and Director John Madden then turned the first three films into "movies to watch with your eyes closed."  NPR's Star Wars Radio Dramas: Full Playlist: A New Hope. (A six-hour edit can be heard here.) The Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi

Ralph McQuarrie's Ultra-Rare Cover For The Empire Strikes Back Novelization Is Gorgeous

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