Monday, August 10, 2015

Props: 3D Printed Spider-Man Mask

Face Shell available for purchase from Shapeways. US$184.93

Last week, 3DPrint ran a great story about a rather novel application of 3D printing for cosplay. As you can see, he was clearly trying to recreate Toby McGuire's 2002 costume, and he did a very credible job.

Costume designer Yuri Schuurkes has spent years perfecting his Spider-Man costume from scratch, but as any cosplayer who has ever pulled a piece of spandex over their face can tell you, capturing a credible facial silhouette is difficult to say the least.  (Spandex tends to do some really ridiculous-looking things when pulled tight over the human body.)  Schuurkes finally sought out the advice of a professional 3D designer to print the perfect Spidey mask.

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