Thursday, August 20, 2015

Link Round-Up: August 20, 2015

"Hide and Seek" by Sam Nielson (Artsammich)

Because you’ve always wanted to set Curiosity to exploring your desk!

Firefly as pulp novels: looks at Robert Jimenez's artwork for Upper Deck's Firefly trading cards. Jimenez was inspired to mash up the cult series with his love for pulp art—and would you just look at the results. Jimenez will also be selling the original paintings in the near future!

The Imaginary Network rounds up under categories the various subreddits for imaginary art such as Imaginary Cityscapes, Ebony, Architecture, Ruins, History, Science, Starships, Aww, Weather, Armored Women and more.

Last chance to buy Nathan Fillion's Firefly shirt, for charity. It's a shiny shirt (photo from his Instagram), and it goes away in 6 hours. All of the proceeds go to Kusewera.

The LEGO sets of our youth promote creativity better than the kits of our kids' The take-away (for me) was that people like kits, because worrying about building something from scratch is hard, but that reliance on kits decreases creativity, not only around the original topic but also across other activities.

Martin says A Song of Ice and Fire will have a Tolkien-esque “bittersweet” ending.

Your animation must be exactly 99frames...  Highlights include:  Communication evolution, Forest Floor, Island, Life is Short, Self portrait, Thistle & Herb: Schadenfreude

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