Thursday, August 27, 2015

Comic Round-Up: August 27, 2015

Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman #15 by Jenny Frison

"Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman #15" by Jenny Frison

Interview: Gary Leib Talks About Creating American Ultra's Animation Sequence

Interview: The Life, Afterlife & Rebirth of an American Icon: Jon Goldwater weighs in on The Reconstruction of Archie Comics

Interview: Rick Remender's Tokyo Ghost Has Sci-Fi Social Commentary and Sick Motorbikes

Interview: Steve Skeates: “A Kaiser with Poppy Seeds I believe it was”

Previews: Roche Limit: Clandestiny #4

Reviews: John Parker on The Fiction.

Can Batman Handle Being A God?

A comic by Jiro Kuwata heavily influenced by Silver Age Superman comic books?

DC's 10 Greatest SPEEDSTERS of All Time

Do Heroes or Villains Cause the Most Destruction in Superhero Films

The entire 1982 DC Comics Style Guide is online and amazing

Here's a short essay by Brian Grasso, a Duke freshman who made news for refusing to read the suggested work Fun Home, as he believed some of its images will lead to immorality.  I feel bad for him, as I think that he's missing the whole point of college, which is to experience new points of view.  As for his religious beliefs, if they can be shaken by a single comic, maybe they were worth re-considering.

The LGBT Loki Interview That Marvel Shut Down

Robert the Robot-Joe Maneely - 1954

This Fall's New Comic Books Are Super Different
Variations on a Theme: Formula and the Sublime in George Herriman’s Krazy Kat

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