Friday, August 21, 2015

Interior Design: Life-Size Minecraft Block

"Life-Size Minecraft Block" by Hahabird
Source: Imgur via Reddit

Redditor and father hahabird posted photos of the awesome life-size glowing Minecraft block he made for his son’s birthday. Since the blocks in the game are about one meter, he decided to build one side of a cube true to scale. Then he added color-changing LEDs which can be remote controlled. The entire project took about a week in his spare time and only cost $85 in parts and paints.

Now if he can just keep his kid from taking a pick axe to the rest of the dry wall...
"My son loves Minecraft, so I thought I'd build him a life-size block of ore for his birthday. In the game each block is a one-meter cube, and that would take up way too much space, so instead I did one face that could hang on the wall, ready to be mined.

It's lit from the back with RGB LEDs that glow through translucent acrylic panels. A remote control lets you change the color, so it can be redstone, gold, diamond, etc.

It took about a week of work, off and on in the evenings. The cost breakdown was around $20 for the LEDs, $20 for the wood, $20 for the paint and supplies, and $25 for the acrylic panels.
I haven't given it to him yet. I finished it today, put it up for the picture, and then took it down and hid it. Tonight while he's asleep I'm going to install it, turn it on, and stick a bow on it."

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