Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Link Round-Up: August 12, 2015

Dothraki Horde by Robert Simon

Believe it or not, this is a painting, not a Photoshopped video capture.

The Avengers: Battle of New York – the bystanders’ story. It’s the latest video in Machinima’s Real Fake History series.

The Cabin in the Woods made Film4’s 50 Must-See Horror Films of the Century list. Alan Tudyk’s Tucker & Dale vs. Evil also appears on the list.

GeekTyrant names the Top 10 Most Beautiful Animated Films of All Time

Here’s a game genre we don’t see much discussion on: real-life room escape games, and tips for designing your own. It’s a simple concept open to a great deal of innovation and seems to be a burgeoning field, especially in China! As the article’s author, Adam Clare, puts so succinctly: “Don’t underestimate the determination of people to leave a room.”

How Star Wars’ Heart-Cloggingly Cute Emojis Took Over The Internet.

The Newest Samurai Star Wars Figure by Tamashii Nations is Boba Fett

Simon Pegg Ranks The Star Wars Movies In Under A Minute

The Singularity HUB explains How Virtual Reality Can Unleash the Greatest Wave of Creativity in Human History, but Is It Really So Bad If We Prefer Virtual Reality?

We are all Spock: the Vulcan lives on in Captain Kirk’s art

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