Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Comic Round-Up: August 12, 2015

Thor by Fernando Peniche

Interview: Chris Moukarbel profiles Team Massive.

Interview: Gotham Academy co-writer Brenden Fletcher talks about writing a tween book in the Batman universe.

Interview: Terry Flores profiles Johnny Ryan and Dave Cooper.

Interview: Tom Spurgeon interviews underground comix creator Glenn Head.

Reviews: Dan Kois on Wuvable Oaf.  Nick Nafpliotis on Fante Bukowski.  Pete Redrup on a bunch of different comics.  Gregg Reese on Inner City Romance.
10 Most Popular Comic Book Characters Created in the Past 25 years

Anime historian Jonathan Clements offers this fascinating history of the atomic bomb as a theme in Japanese manga and films, covering the iconic Barefoot Gen and also Osamu Tezuka’s X Point in the Pacific, which eerily prefigured the one of the largest detonations ever, the Castle Bravo test on Bikini Atoll.

Comic books are making a comeback in Sydney thanks to superhero movies

Deb Aoki has some advice for Western journalists on interviewing manga creators

How comic books helped fuel Japan's love for the atom

How do you say “Bam! Pow!” in Russian? A group of Russian translators is calling for comics translators to use words derived from the official languages of the Russian Federation rather than simply rendering the existing sound effects in the Russian alphabet

We agree with io9’s list of the 50 most cringe-worthy moments in comic book movies!

Your Guide to Comic Book TV Shows In Development from Den of Geek

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