Monday, August 17, 2015

Comic Round-Up: August 17, 2015

Starlord Cover for Marvel’s Secret Wars

Interview: 15-year-old Stephen Nyberg, has written, drawn, and self-published a comic book, Chet Chetterson’s Adventures Book 1: Diets Are Doom.

Interview: Tech Times profiles 10-year-old comics creator Sasha Matthews.

News: The LA Times cut ties last month with Rall, a freelance political cartoonist, after finding “inconsistencies” in an account he wrote for one of the newspaper’s blogs about being stopped in 2001 for jaywalking.

Reviews: Zainab Akhtar on two from Inio Asano.  Rob Clough on Let Me Be Frank. Mark Dickson on Zodiac Starforce #1. Leroy Douresseaux on Blue Exorcist Vol. 13. Garrett Gottschalk on Harvey Kurtzman's Jungle Book. Jessica Lamarre on Bee And Puppycat Vol. 1. Beth Rogers on The Borgias.

Reviews: Jeffrey L. Wilson reviews the Android version of Farrago Comics, a free, ad-supported digital comics service. 
Are Americans falling in love with censorship?

The Chicago Tribune profiles Jessica Campbell, Aaron Renier and their library.

Christian Ward writes about moving from traditional page-making and into digital.

Dan Merritt of Green Brain Comics in Dearborn, Michigan, talks about the store, which places an emphasis on being welcoming to a diverse audience, and the events they are involved in, including Comique Con and the Kids Read Comics convention.

Here's a reminiscence of the post-war era for magazine illustration.

Katie Skelly is selling a digital version of her Nurse Nurse for $5

Michael Cavna picks out a few Hillary Clinton cartoons that he likes.

Shaenon Garrity writes in brief fashion about Peter Bagge's work with Marvel superhero comics.

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