Monday, August 6, 2012

Lego Creation: Serenity

00 Serenity

Minifig Scale Serenity by Adrian Drake
Adrian Drake created this 135 pound, 7 foot long, 70,000-brick minifig scale model of the Serenity from Firefly from the Quantum Mechanix blueprints.  According to Drake, it took 475 hours to create over the course of 21 months.

He debuted the model at the Brickfair in Chantilly, Virginia. The ship incorporates all of the interior sets, except the engine room, which couldn't be included without compromising the physical integrity of the model. Both the cargo bay and drive light up, the engines rotate, the wings swing out, and the shuttle detaches. It’altogether amazing!

01 Serenity

02 Serenity

03 Serenity

04 Serenity

05 Serenity

06 Serenity

07 Serenity

09 Serenity

10 Serenity

11 Serenity

12 Serenity

14 Serenity

45 Serenity

49 Serenity

53 Serenity

54 Serenity

58 Serenity

72 Serenity

59 Serenity

65 Serenity

67 Serenity

69 Serenity

68 Serenity

73 Serenity

74 Serenity

Custom fig artwork by Matt de Lanoy
Custom fig sourcing by EJ Bocan

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