Monday, August 13, 2012

Fresh Take: Star Wars 80’s High School


"Star Wars 80’s High School" by Denis Medri

What if Star Wars was re-written as an Eighties High School comedy, like a John Hughes film. The cast includes Han and Chewie in their Millennium Falcon Trans-Am and Darth Vader in a classic Thriller Jacket!

"Vader isn't the Luke's father, but is the classic bullit of the High School, that try to bring Luke to the "dark side" and been bullit too..
He is the "chief "of a motocross crew of bullit ( like "Karate Kid" or "Lost Kids")
He wear a jacket like Micheal jackson on "Thriller" in a total black look
Boba Fett is his "sidekick" wearing his classic 80's glasses
and we have 2 twins that look like Trooper''s style"

"of course in this new re-design the Droids have to be the classic Nerds...

is R2-D2 the East European nerd student that made an experience in USA

of course only C-3PO understand his words."
"Yoda is the old sage asian Coach
Kenobi is the kind history & Literature's teacher..."

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