Monday, August 13, 2012

Link Round-Up: August 13, 2012

News: Comic book artist Joe Kubert has died. Kubert, who founded a New Jersey school of cartooning that cemented his legacy as an industry staple, died after a hospital stay at age 85.

News: If you pre-order the LEGO Lord of The Rings Collector’s Edition game, you might just get an Elrond minifig. Totally worth it.

But is there a font that promotes, engenders a belief that a sentence is true?

For US$1275, You Can Get a 3D Model of Your Foetus The result is a scale reproduction of your unborn baby, composed of an opaque white fetus encased in the mother’s clear, colorless abdomen.

Vilnius, Lithuania-based creative agency New! took it upon themselves to make a better Wikipedia. New! improved the site visually, made it more user-friendly and above all made a beautiful design.

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