Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Fresh Take: Portal 2 Turret Cross-Section

Prints available for purchase at Society 6. US$17.68
"This is the second in my series of pop culture Cross-Section Illustration mashups. This time, the Portal 2 Turret. Why Portal 2 instead of 1? Well, the second Portal made these turrets much better looking inside. And that’s all that counts; what’s inside. I’m pretty deep.

Unlike the mostly-digitally-painted Bob’s Burgers cross section, this was done using the exact same process that the Incredible Cross Section books were made in. After communication with some of the original cross-section artists (including John MullaneyRichard Chasemore, and Stephen Biesty), I painted this to be as authentic as possible.

I got 185gm hot-pressed watercolour paper, which I then cut to A3. Prior to painting, I constructed a solid animation lightbox for about $70AUD, which I then used to trace my rough layout onto the watercolour paper. I then inked it, then painted it in watercolour paint. Because it is inspired by a video game, I was able to use Valve’e 3D model viewer to make it as accurate as possible. The final step was to scan it in, clean it up, and add annotations and shadows. See how easy it is? Simple.

Music: “Science is Fun” from the official Portal 2 soundtrack"

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