Thursday, August 16, 2012

Crafts: Mass Effect Plushies

"i'll preface by saying i had some oral surgery this week, so trying to craft while under the influence of painkillers was PROBABLY not my brightest idea.

after i tackled garrus i put legion on the back burner, afraid of the massive undertaking he would be. i've been sketching out ideas for awhile, but the positive feedback i've received on my plushies these last few weeks finally gave me the motivation to get things going.

one little thing i was proud of but doesn't really show well in the photo: i drew on the grey arm fabric to create the 'sinewy' look of legion's arms.

i knew i didn't want to put a hole clean through the plush (even though it would've been more accurate), so i made a heart-shaped hole in his armor. i experimented with bits of fabric, yarn, pipe cleaners, craft foam to create the exposed wires on his chest, but i wanted something a little more "cutesy", so i settled on the rhinestone lines.

anyway, hope you guys like him! ^.^"

"my FAVORITE thing about making these plushies is that when i finish a character, i have a whole new appreciation for them."

"after playing mass effect 3, drunk tali won my heart. <3 she's always been my favorite mass effect female, but she's so god damn adorable in ME3 i can't handle it."

"i don't have proper lighting for plushie picture taking, so there are some things not coming across well in the image (like the hours i spent shading his "crest" or the layers of the armor.) i suppose a camera is on my list of things to acquire, after a sewing machine!"

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