Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Lego Creation: Bare Bones in Bricks

"Bare Bones in Bricks" by Nathan Sawaya

New York artist Nathan Sawaya has put his mad Lego skills to work creating a piece entitled "Bare Bones in Bricks," which amounts to a blue skin of bricks partially exposing the Keihl skin care company mascot, Mr. Bones

Nathan was picked as part of the Keihl’s Gives program to be one of thirteen artists helping to redesign Mr. Bones, with a total of $200,000 going to charities of their choice in the areas of HIV/AIDS, the environment and children’s causes. Nathan chose to donate his portion of the money to the Thea Foundation.

Lego art:sculptures by Nathan Sawaya | via: http://devidsketchbook.com
"I was honored to be one of the artists selected to provide their own take on Mr. Bones for a recent Kiehl’s charity event. Other artists included: Alicia Keys, Zach Galifianakis, Terry Richardson, Padma Lakshmi, Kenny Scharf, Olek and other creatives. The event raised thousands of dollars for my charity of choice: the Thea Foundation.
For my version, I wanted Mr. Bones to be building a skin of bricks around his bare bones. I figured he needed “skin” to put all his new Kiehl’s products on."
Lego art:sculptures by Nathan Sawaya | via: http://devidsketchbook.com  Lego art:sculptures by Nathan Sawaya | via: http://devidsketchbook.com

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