Monday, August 20, 2012

Project: Glitch Art


Created with a Kodak DC 280

The glitches in the photos of Phillip David Stearns are no accident. Stearns meticulously hacks old digital cameras to create what some are calling "Glitch Art" as part of a year-long project to post a new Glitch every day.
While some of the art is out and out bizarre, some of it can be downright serene, in a digital camo sort of way. Positive fan feedback on his work has lead Stearns to try weaving his images into textiles, such as the blanket pictured below.  To that end, he's launched a Kickstarter campaign to transform some of his more popular pieces into blankets, tapestries, and other textiles.

“By opening these cameras and rewiring their electronics, I’m able to unlock strange and hidden worlds in the subconscious of the machine,” Stearns says in his Kickstarter video. “And with only a few wires, these machines, these cameras can be made to dream.”


100% cotton, Jacquard woven, image produced using a prepared digital camera.

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