Monday, December 12, 2011

Sweets: K-9 Gingerbread

Gingerbread rendition of Doctor Who's K-9 companion by LiveJournal user therru

"So, since pnr and I made a hugely successful gingerbread TARDIS last year, we had to raise the bar slightly this year."

"Of course, we started planning months in advance. No, not really. Five days before Christmas, we  sat bulllshitting all evening, instead of planning. Three days before Christmas, we realized that a model would probably be quite useful, so we started draughting up a sort of pattern. We started very diligently with measurements and everything."
"At this point, we started realising that our maths skillz weren't quite up to making any more patterns. WWTDD (What Would The Doctor Do)? Make it up as you go along, of course!"
"As you may remember from our TARDIS, we made a relief pattern on our walls, to make the panelling. Since K-9 is very 3-D, we decided to use the same method to simulate some of his structures. So, we first cut out and baked the basic pieces, and then cut out the relief pieces, stuck them onto the already baked ones with a little water, and baked them again."
"And here is the finished product! Everything is edible, except for the buckle. That's a real metal one."

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