Monday, December 12, 2011

Project: X is for X-ray

X is for X-ray iPad app walkthrough by Hugh Turvey

X is for X-Ray is an interactive children’s book for iPad that features 26 objects (from A to Z) that can be viewed with X-Ray photography. The book was created by Hugh Turvey, Artist in Residence at the British Institute of Radiology, and children’s book author Paul Rosenthal.
"X is for X-Ray is a magical new interactive iPad book. It offers a remarkable perspective on 26 everyday objects. For many of the objects, swipe horizontally and they rotate at your fingertip. A double-tap offers an amazing stereoscopic option, really bringing the objects to life. For others, pinch to zoom and reveal incredible detail. With all objects, swipe vertically to discover what’s really inside!"

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