Friday, December 23, 2011

Sweets: Companion Cube

Everyone does gingerbread houses.
So I did something more...geeky.

EDIT: Mother of god! The response on this has been ridiculous! Thank you, thank you everyone for thinking that this is as great as you all do! Your kind words are greatly appreciated.

For those of you curious how I made it, I sketched out a rough paper template, cut it out, and got a knife and cut around the template--so that's 6 square pieces, 24 side pieces, 24 middle pieces and 6 circular pieces. I rolled out the cookie dough so it was fairly thin, to avoid extra spreading and poofing in the oven. I baked it a bit longer than I would normally bake gingerbread cookies, because I wanted the pieces to be firmer and more suitable for construction.

After that (lengthy) process, I stuck everything together with icing I made from the Wilton Royal Icing recipe; when they say it dries like a cement, they're really not kidding, so I would never recommend frosting an entire cookie in this! But details here and there in royal icing can be quite crunchy and delicious. P:

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