Thursday, December 15, 2011

Link Round-Up: December 15, 2011

"Christmas at the Solo’s..." by Kevin R. Adams

Amiamour has all kinds of wonderful, whimsical crochet animals to warm the geeky heart, from Hobbes to Gromit to Totoro to this little guy from Spirited Away. And if you're craftily inclined, she sells the patterns, too!

ErinDara is another store that makes amazing use of recycled comic books! I know some of you must cringe at the idea of cutting up your precious books, but I love transformative art like this. Seriously, how could you resist Poison Ivy wine glasses? Or their absolutely adorable Tiny Titans Batgirls Box? Or their amazing Aquaman Watering Can?

EpicButtons(@EpicButtons on Twitter) sells, in their own words, "Unique Vintage and Handmade Geeky Gifts" like Dalek earrings, a beautiful Deathstar pendant, vintage comic coasters.

How I drew Malcolm Reynolds. Dan Dos Santos takes us through the process of creating the cover art for the Serenity comic book for Free Comic Book Day.

The Imagination Emporium has some wonderfully clever geeky pendants, suitable for wearing around one's neck or putting on a keychain or book bag zipper.

Top 24 Deep Space Pictures of 2011

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