Thursday, December 15, 2011

Sculpture: iPhone

3G International
Created by Electroboutique (Russian artists Alexei Shulgin and Aristarkh Chernyshev)

In this sculpture, called 3G International, Electroboutique re-envisions the iPhone using the aesthetics of Russian Constructivism, twisting the phone into a spiraling imitation of unbuilt Tatlin’s Tower. The piece is a commentary on how art in the early 20th century used to subvert consumerism with avant-garde design, while, in the 21st century, avant-garde design has given way to consumerist products that are regarded as art. The twisty iPhone is currently part of an exhibition at the Science Museum in London, that’s open until the 14th of February, 2012. The exhibit also features a crazy wavy iPod, and other distorted electronic gadgets.

"Encouraging participation through "Creative Consumption", the artists generate a dialogue with their audiences through works which respond, reflect and re-version viewers in real time. The artwork uses the language of pop media culture, live data, sophisticated custom electronics and bespoke software, framed by a tongue-in-cheek appropriation of the language of corporate marketing speak."

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