Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Link Round-Up: December 13, 2011

World Joyland (环球动漫嬉戏谷, Huánqiú Dòngmàn Xīxì Gǔ) better known as the Warcraft and Starcraft-themed amusement park, has been the subject of speculation since the first digital rendering surfaced six months ago. An amusement park entirely devoted to making your online virtual nerd-topia a reality, the EPIC potential of our MMORPG fever-dreams made manifest.

An artist named Zac Gorman asked "What if Sonic Ran like an idiot?" The answer spawned this little gif. This inspired Nedroid to urge others to make Sonic look doofy.

The Day I Saw Van Gogh's Genius in a New Light: Kazunori Asada explores a hypothesis: Did Van Gogh perhaps have a color vision deficiency?

Instructions for making a Golden Snitch Christmas ornament.

Introducing the sarcastic font.

Politicians under surveillance: "...we took to the streets of Madrid, on the 19th of November, a day of reflection before the general elections, in order to present a simulation of the surveillance of politicians, with the aim of generating debate or simply a thought among the people who strolled through the streets on their way back home."

Self service printing kiosk in airports for printing welcome home banners.

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