Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Video Round-Up: December 2, 2015

Screen Junkies gives their Honest Trailers treatment to the trailer for Minions. "Ready for an entire movie focused on a character who should have stayed in the background, but who got shoved into the spotlight by corporate greed?"

Billy On the Street: Julianne Moore Acting Attack - In this funny new clip from comedian Billy Eichner's truTV comedy series, Billy on the Street, Oscar-winning actress Julianne Moore earns tips from Times Square tourists by reenacting some of her iconic movie scenes.

Breaking the Rubik’s Cube World Record - 14-year-old Lucas Etter appears to have broken the world record for solving a 3×3 Rubik’s cube in a shocking 4.9 seconds at the River Hill Fall 2015 competition in Clarksville, Maryland.

Christmas Caroling 'Thugs’ Prank - YouTube prankster, Tom Mabe, enlisted some friends to go Christmas caroling in a predominantly white suburban area, dressed like a group of thugs, to see how people would react.

Endless - a very clever short film that uses shiny machines to represent the mechanics of incessant routines of everyday life.

If ‘Home Alone’ Was Rated R - YouTube comedy duo, Failuresville, humorously imagines an unedited version of Joe Pesci's character, Harry Lime, in Chris Columbus' classic Christmas comedy, Home Alone.

The Light Switch - Improv Everywhere wired New York City’s Father Demo Square and some of its occupants with Christmas lights connected to a giant light switch that passers-by could flip for their mission titled “The Light Switch.” When the switch is thrown, the lights engage and the participants freeze in place to the delight of onlookers.

The Mesmerizingly Bizarre Music Video for PSY’s New Single ‘Daddy’ - South Korean singer/songwriter Park Jae-sang, aka PSY, follows up his insanely popular 2012 hit "Gangnam Style" (which has over 2 billion views on YouTube) with an almost equally entertaining and odd music video for his new single, "Daddy," from his 7th album, Chiljip PSY-da.

Mona Lisa Goes 3D For Blind Art-Lovers - The Unseen Art project wants to use 3D printers to produce tactile versions of paintings. The plan is to not only make the 3D artworks available for galleries but also to share the print files as open source so that people can make their own copies.

The Mountain Crushes Keg Toss World Record - Strongman competitor and Game of Thrones actor Hafthor “Thor” Bjornsson (The Mountain) crushed the “Keg Toss” world record at the Giants Live tour in Sweden, a competition that qualifies individuals for the annual World’s Strongest Man contest. Hafthor then went on to take first place for the overall contest.

Puppy's first peanut butter treat - When you’re as young at this tiny beagle/pug mix puppy named Jynx, there are a lot of firsts. Jynx’s owner recently captured what might be his most important first of all, eating his first spoonful of peanut butter.

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