Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Video Round-Up: December 1, 2015

Los Angeles-based animator Leigh Lahav humorously illustrates the five struggles that every fan goes through when a new young adult film comes out, including defiance, picking a team, and inspiration.

5-Year-Old Girl Flawlessly Performs System of a Down’s 'Toxicity’ on Drums - Five-year-old musician Eduarda Henklein, from Joinville, Brazil, performs a perfect drum cover System of a Down's 2002 alternative metal hit "Toxicity."

Aaron’s Animals: Cheat Meal - In the latest "Aaron's Animals" video by visual effects artist Aaron Benitez, Phil, the cat, who's supposed to be on a diet, embarks on a Mission: Impossible-style quest to steal a meal from his feline housemate, Michael.

American Speaks 46 Languages - Nicola Foti, a self described “language geek”, amazingly recited a paragraph about smiling, line by line, in 46 different languages. Forti worked for over two months with dozens of people from around the world in order to master the sound, accent and feel of each language.

This Book is a Camera - This Book Is a Camera is a pop-up book designed by artist Kelli Anderson that opens up to reveal a working camera. The simple construction works as a pinhole camera with a cardboard shutter that is lifted and replaced to create a timed exposure on photo paper.

How Mickey Mouse Destroyed the Public Domain - An animated Adam Conover explains how Mickey Mouse and Disney destroyed public domain laws in the United States by lobbying Congress to extend their copyright claim on the iconic character by decades in a recent clip from his show Adam Ruins Everything. The clip also points out Walt Disney‘s frequent use of public domain characters for his own works.

HULK JOIN GYM - FOX’s Animation Domination High-Def (ADHD) has created a new Marvel-themed animated short where the Hulk (Bruce Banner) forcefully joins a gym, bypassing the monthly $45 member fee, and then destroys the establishment while working out. The Hulk does, however, treat an elderly lady with respect while rampaging through the gym.

Kitten Flips Out, Literally - While distracted by his playing siblings, Lennier (after the Babylon 5 character), the kitten, gets startled and does a flip that would make any ninja proud when his human reaches to pet him.

Stylish supercut of 70s and 80s hacking scenes -  The experimental film 'copy complete' focuses the cinematic presentations of the computer in the 1970s, 80s and 90s. Sequences with computers are accompanied by split screens together into a collage as a journey back to the origin of the digital era.

Toddler Gets His Mind Blown by Automatic Sliding Doors - While grocery shopping, Abraham Vargas filmed his son's adorable reaction to seeing and activating automatic sliding doors for the first time.

Tortoise Rescues His Stranded Friend - When a tortoise accidentally gets himself stuck on a rock, his buddy valiantly comes to the rescue and frees him.

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