Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Sci-Fi Round-Up: December 23, 2015

MOSQUITO by Cristiano Rinaldi


Blastr interviews Charles Dance, star of Childhood’s End.

Blastr interviews Mark Fergus, producer of The Expanse on return to space.

Civilian Reader interviews Guy Haley, author of The Emperor's Railroad.

The Functional Nerds interview Ilana C. Myer, author of Song Before Night.

GQ talks to Daniel Wu, star of Into The Badlands, about training 12 Hours a Day.

Inverse interviews Jack McDevitt, author of Thunderbird.

LA Review of Books interviews Nathan Larson, author of The Immune System.

Lightspeed Magazine interviews Charlie Jane Anders, of All the Birds in the Sky.

Melville House Books has an extract from Philip K. Dick’s Last Interview.

My Bookish Ways interviews Steven Savile, author of Sunfail.

Reddit recently held an AMA for Rick Remender, author of BLACK SCIENCE.

SFFWorld interviews Patrick S. Tomlinson, author of The Ark.

TIME interviews Gillian Anderson, author of A Dream of Ice.


6 Classic Philip K. Dick Stories Adapted as Vintage Radio Plays.

Alternative Nation looks at the Top Ten Star Wars Rip Offs And Cash Ins.

Are books getting longer? A new survey says yes. One of the factors cited in increasing book length is the availability of short digital content, such as Kindle Singles or Serial Box (serial SFF). But many of those digital books are going unread after purchase. Meanwhile, the rise of e-books is costing jobs: warehouse jobs. (Charlie Stross once weighed in on Why books are the length they are.)

Ars Technica says Hating parts of Star Trek is an essential part of loving Star Trek.

Den of Geek looks ahead The top 30 must-see movies of 2016.

Five Uses of Real Science in The Expanse.

George Lucas Was a Winner Even Before Star Wars.

Gender, Sex, and Sexuality in SF: A Conversation.

Gimbling in the Wabe In Praise of Difficult Genre Fiction

How Childhood’s End Finally Made It to TV.

The HuffPo recommends the 25 Best Ever Sci-Fi for YAs.

io9 lists The Very Best Science Fiction And Fantasy Books Of 2015.

Logan’s Run Would Make For a Terrible YA Film Franchise: No matter how much producers want it to be, it’s not the next Hunger Games.

Narratives of Modernization: China’s History of Science Fiction.

No Warp Drives, No Transporters: Science Fiction Authors Get Real.

Omnivoracious on the Star Wars: The Force Awakens Novelization

The Pros and Cons of That Star Trek Beyond Trailer.

Saving Humans: Why the Overlords kill science in Childhood’s End.

Science Fiction’s Greatest Power? Inspiring Us to Build the Future.

The Science of Life and Death in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein Professor Sharon Ruston surveys the scientific background to Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, considering contemporary investigations into resuscitation, galvanism, and the possibility of states between life and death. names its picks for the Best And Worst Sci-Fi Films Of 2015.

SciFiNow lists 20 books you should have read in 2015.

The Star Wars prequels suck, but The Clone Wars series (almost) justifies them.

Star Wars’ Social Science: Fiction as Religion, Politics, and Psychosis.

Syfy’s Gamble on The Expanse Is Prioritizing Science Fiction Over Television.

The truly dangerous AI gap is the political one.

Why Sci-Fi Keeps Imagining the Subjugation of White People.

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