Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Sci-Fi Round-Up: December 2, 2015

Friends by J.C Park


Civilian Reader interviews Tom Toner, author of The Promise of the Child. interviews Michael Hanson, author of Dark Parchments.

Fast Forward interviews Neal Stephenson, author of Seveneves.

The New York Times profiles Margaret Atwood.

NPR interviews Thomas Levenson, author of The Hunt for Vulcan.

PASTE interviews Ryan Britt, author of Luke Skywalker Can’t Read.

Reddit recently held an AMA for Kevin Laymon, author of Future Winds.

SFFWorld interviews Joseph Wallace, author of Slavemakers.

SFFWorld interviews Mike Resnick, author of The Prison in Antares. interviews Francesca Haig, author of The Fire Sermon.


The 7 Best Philip K. Dick Stories That Haven’t Been Turned Into Movies.

10 classic sci-fi novels that would make great TV or movies right now.

10 Reasons why 2001: A Space Odyssey is the best Sci-Fi movie ever made.

10 storylines from Star Trek: Online that could be used in the new Star Trek series.

The 11 Funniest Science Fiction Books.

The 13 Best Episodes of the Whedonverse.

13 Futuristic Facts About The Fifth Element.

These 15 sci-fi books actually predicted the future.

16 Things You Might Not Know About Mystery Science Theater 3000.

Adventures in Poor Taste on 10 Reasons Why The Expanse is Must Watch TV.

Cory Doctorow asks Could solutions to serious problems facing the world come from the imaginations of science-fiction authors?

Five Ray Bradbury Stories That Tell Us Everything We Need to Know About Writing.

Frederik Pohl Made Doing Literally Everything Look Easy.

GamesRadar offers up 10 fan-made Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailers.

Geek and Sundry suggests 5 Anime Series For Sci-Fi Fanatics.

The Ghost of Hayden Christensen: Why Anakin MUST Appear in Episode VII.

The Hollywood Reporter explains How a 99-Cent Novel Spawned The Martian.

How “cli-fi” novels humanise the science of climate change: The paradox is that the harder climate-fiction novels try, the less effective they are.

Ian Sales on 10 things I learnt writing space opera.

Madeleine L’Engle, The YA Author For The Oddball In Everyone.

The Martian spacesuits had to look ready to survive space

Neil deGrasse Tyson Settles The Age-Old Debate: Enterprise or Millennium Falcon?

Nigerian SFF writer Wole Talabi shares links to his favourite 10 short stories of 2015.

Science Fiction on The Top Ten Best Episodes of The X-Files.

Secrets of Star Wars and the End of Everything.

Soma, Spice and Substance D: A History of Drugs in Science Fiction.

Suzanne Collins wrote a letter to all The Hunger Games fans, as the movie debuts.

Terry Gilliam on The Difference Between Kubrick & Spielberg

Utopian and Dystopian Visions of Afrofuturism: Is this a true moment of change, or are we just seeing more characters of color in sci-fi?

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