Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Sci-Fi Round-Up: December 16, 2015


Amazing Stories interviews Kim Stanley Robinson, author of Aurora.

B&N interviews Alan Dean Foster, author of Star Wars novelization.

The Huffpo interviews James Suriano, author of Inbiotic.

Journal Sentinel interviews Neal Stephenson, author of Seveneves.

My Bookish Ways interviews Holly Messinger, author of The Curse of Jacob Tracy.

The Qwillery interviews Jay Allan, author of Enemy in the Dark.

Reddit recently held an AMA for Rick Remender, author of BLACK SCIENCE.

SFFWorld interviews Patrick S. Tomlinson, author of The Ark. interviews Adam Christopher, author of Made to Kill.


6 Reasons Star Trek Is Superior to Star Wars

Childhood’s End author Arthur C. Clarke’s Top 12 sci-fi movies

The Definitive Guide to Sci-Fi Drugs Was Produced by the Government in the 1970s.

The Expanse is the show waiting to fill the Battlestar Galactica hole in your heart says HitFix, and Wired agrees in an article proclaiming that The Expanse Is the New Battlestar Galactica. Let’s hope that the series leaves us with more closure than BSG.

Is Doctor Who’s Blink even cleverer than we first thought?

Narratives of Modernization: China’s History of Science Fiction.

No Warp Drives, No Transporters: Science Fiction Authors Get Real.

Omnivoracious picks The Best Science Fiction and Fantasy of 2015.

Our Visit to the Mind-Blowingly Realistic Spaceship Sets of Syfy’s The Expanse

An oral history of the making of Hackers: “[D]espite inauspicious start, Hackers has grown to become one of the most beloved films of the 90s. This is a story about the making of that movie and the ambitious filmmakers who, over time, have been vindicated by their hyperkinetic vision.”

Science Fiction Books We Can’t Wait to Read In 2016

Three generations of one family share a love of all things Star Wars

The year TV deaths lost all meaning: What Buffy can teach current shows. Spoilers if you haven’t been keeping up to date with what’s going with certain US cable shows.

Zero-Gravity Sex and Three-Story Sets: 10 Things to Know About The Expanse.

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