Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Posters: Doctor Who Episodes

Doctor Who S9 E12 "Hell Bent"
Doctor Who Episode Posters by Stuart Manning

Stuart Manning began a tradition of posting posters for Doctor Who episodes every Monday morning during the series' run.  They're beautiful, and I have a hard time wrapping my head around the notion of someone having enough talent to create each of these in a single day.  Bravo!  I wish there were prints available for purchase.  For that matter, I wish he'd create posters for other sci-fi series.

Doctor Who S9 E11 "Heaven Scent"

Doctor Who S9 E10 "Face The Raven"

Doctor Who S9 E09 "Sleep No More"

Doctor Who S9 E08 "The Zygon Inversion"

Doctor Who S9 E07 "The Zygon Invasion"

Doctor Who S9 E06 "The Woman Who Lived"

Doctor Who S9 E05 "The Girl Who Died"

Doctor Who S9 E04 "Before The Flood"

Doctor Who S9 E03 "Under The Lake"

Doctor Who S9 E02 "The Witch's Familiar"

Doctor Who S9 E01 "The Magician's Apprentice"

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