Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Link Round-Up: December 22, 2015

Prints available for purchase from Artflakes. ab$5.16 - ab$70.94
"My first designed wallpaper for the new 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' movie. You can see the new star destroyer 'finalizer' with patrolling tie-fighters."

Animated Illustrations Of The Magical Places From Harry Potter

Contempt Culture by Aurynn Shaw: "So when I started programming in 2001, it was du jour in the communities I participated in to be highly critical of other languages. Other languages sucked, the people using them were losers or stupid, if they would just use a real language, such as the one we used, everything would just be better.  Right?"

NASA has a run down of the connections between the space agency and Star Wars.

Still have your old Star Wars bedsheets? Jen Vetere made a colorful dress for herself and a bowling shirt (with a Boba Fett back panel) for her husband by recycling his old sheets and they both look amazing!

The Stunning Evolution of Millennials: They've Become the Ben Franklin Generation

What A “Racebent” Hermione Granger Really Represents", an essay of increases interest given casting for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.  Drawing Hermione and Harry as people of color is a growing fanart trend that has become cannon.  Here are some examples: James, Lily and Harry by vondellswain, the power sextet by burdge, Hermione by beastly-worlds, Hermione by quinnasaurus, Hermione and her boys by batcii (who also did that art of Hermione brushing her hair in the article), and Harry by feliciores.

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