Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Interior Design: Star Wars Pixel Shower

Via: Reddit

This incredible tile mosaic was created by Imgur user GBFel in his basement shower. The design is based on a piece of pixel art by Andy Rash. Below, you can check out step-by-step photographs of the mosaic's creation. He writes that "The best part of being an adult is that if you decide that the basement needs a Star Wars shower, the basement gets a Star Wars shower!"

"This was the inspiration and reference for the project. I'm not sure where I got it from but Google Images thinks that it was made by Andy Rash. I measured each of my wall sections, picked out characters that fit, then counted up each individual pixel of each color to figure out how much tile I needed to get."

"I used Emser Tile's "Image" product line because the glass squares were the same color throughout instead of a glaze or something and they were all affixed to a mesh backing in 12"x12" sections. Some concessions were made to color due to a somewhat limited palette but it turned out well."

"Starting with a white tile, I popped squares out with a knife in the shape of each character and glued the right color back in with white glue. This... took a while."

"Like always, I realized that I forgot to take rough in photos before I was halfway done. Oh well."

"Just your basic white glazed subway tile from a home improvement store that rhymes with "blows." Protip: Do your own framing and measure carefully so as to minimize how many tiles you have to cut."

"Mastic will stay wet for a long time which I needed so I could run back and forth to the tile saw since I was doing this solo and also I needed time to adjust placed tiles."

"Sloped the seat for runoff but also added a coat of the brush-on plastic stuff... or five."

"Had the drywallers leave me a nice 90 degree finished edge to tile up to on the return wall. All of the cracks got a ton of mastic shoved in them."

"First section on the wall. Tried to center the shower head over Leia's and Boba's guns but I was slightly off. Not concerned enough to fix it and anyway the Gamorrean's ass was too fat to shift him right."

"Hooray for measuring. Purposely kept each wall section one column too narrow just in case. Didn't want to be pulling things down to cut them with wet stuff on the walls."

"Coolest deco band ever."

"Everything on the wall! The soffit was a pain to work around because of course it wasn't plumb so each tile had to be custom cut to fit."

"I was able to cram in a good number of characters."

"I needed a ton of colors and would have gone broke if I bought a full tile for each of the colors since for some I only needed maybe 6. The Image product line includes some multi-color mosaic that helped but also the guys at my local Emser store gave me a ton of their samples since apparently nobody ever buys this stuff."

"Now that it's done I wish that I had done the black border here differently."

"Not pictured: Darth Vader bath mat and SW posters on the wall. "

"Thanks for looking!"

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