Friday, December 18, 2015

Humor: If you’re not cosplaying…

If you’re not cosplaying... why even bother?

"If you’re not cosplaying… why even bother?" by Bill Bramhall for the Daily News

Our local Sheriff's department decided to beef up security for the Star War premiere in light of the recent incident in San Bernardino.  So, they announced that they'd be posting officers at the entrance to the local theaters over the weekend and asked that patrons please not carry weapons or weapon-shaped toys and not cover their faces.

The request went down just about the way you'd expect.  Every other person was in costume, with face paint or a helmet, and I swear there wasn't a single person in line who wasn't carrying a lightsaber.  The cops were turning people away from the entrance for about the first twenty minutes, then they just plain gave up.  There wasn't even de-escalation.  One minute, they were shouting at teenagers, the next, they just deflated and started waving people through.

There may have been a Jedi to blame.

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