Monday, December 14, 2015

Fresh Take: Star Wars Cars

Alfa Romeo Giulia Stormtrooper edition
Star Wars Characters Reimagined as Cars by UK-based online car dealership Carwow

With all the hype surrounding the pending release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that all kinds of cool fan creations are coming out of the woodwork. The latest creation comes from Carwow, which reimagined Star Wars characters as cars. Boba Fett as a G-wagon. Han Solo as a Dodge Charger “Millennium” Hellcat. Jar Jar Binks as a Nissan Juke (we didn’t say they were ALL going to be popular characters or cars). Vader as the BMW Z4 Death Star Edition. The brilliant campaign includes eight different mockups, but we’re hoping we’ll see more before the movie release.

Jar Jar Bink's Nissan Juke Juke

Boba Fett’s Mercedes G-Class

Wedge Antilles’ Lamborghini A-wing

Star Wars Cars by Carwow millennium falcon

Han Solo’s Milliennium Hellcat

Luke Skywalker’s Mazda MX-5 Land Speeder edition

Darth Maul’s 2016 Hornda NSX

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