Monday, December 7, 2015

Comic Round-Up: December 7, 2015

B V S by Ardian Syaf

Interview: Eitan Manhoff, owner of Cape and Cowl Comics, is a nerd with pedigree.

Interview: Isaiah Broussard discusses his webcomic Crackers & White Wine, which takes a satirical look at politics, especially racial politics.

Interview: Loren A. Lynch interviews Sam Humphries about his new Image Comics series Citizen Jack, and looks at the recent popularity of politically themed comics.

News: Marvel has announced a new Haunted Mansion comic coming in 2016 by Joshua Williamson and Jorge Coelho!

Reviews: Henry Chamberlain on Ringside #1. Rob Clough on Cold Heat Special #10. Sean Gaffney on Durarara!! Vol. 2.  Joe Gordon on Alias.  Alex Hoffman on Witches, Dragons, Magic & Cats.

Andrew Weiss writes a bit about Mr. Tawky Tawny.

Brian Cronin picks five sad deaths from the various X-Men comics.

Feminism lost in comic books argues Morrena Villanueva of the Arizona Sonora News Service

ICv2 has its monthly look at Bookscan for November, and Walking Dead Compendium #3 led the charts, followed by Sandman: Overture.

Jay Bardyla, owner of Happy Harbor Comics in Edmonton, Alberta, has rounded up 25 local comics creators to collaborate on the world’s largest comic book. They will be writing, drawing, and inking the 5-foot comic over a period of 48 hours to commemorate the closing of the Royal Alberta Museum.

Jennifer de Guzman looks at the way guns are portrayed on the covers of the most recent comics releases on comiXology.

Marc Arsenault, publisher of Alternative Comics, has a cautionary tale about a printing error that removed the frontispiece from the inside front cover of the new issue of Sam Henderson’s Magic Whistle 3.0 #1

Mark Peter has a Best Of comics list at Salon, and suggest Ms Marvel is still the best

The new trailer for Batman v Superman has revealed that the first meeting of these two titans is filled with strife, but in the comics, their first meeting led them to share a small cabin on a romantic cruise ship…

Supergirl Introduces The Solar Flare Power! "Supergirl has become the first piece of non-comics media to embrace the solar flare, Superman's newest power."

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