Thursday, December 17, 2015

Comic Round-Up: December 17, 2015

Star Wars 13 (Vader Down) by Aleksi Briclot

Interview: Andrew Wheeler and artist Paulina Gancheau talk about Another Castle, their new comic from Oni Press about a fairy-tale princess who isn’t just sitting around waiting to be rescued.

Interview: Craig Thompson discusses the making of his kids’ comics Space Dumplins on the latest Deconstructing Comics podcast.

Interview: Greg Hunter talks to Dylan Horrocks.

Interview: Reed Beebe considers the similarities between Star Wars and the French comic Valerian and Laureline.

Previews: Vampirella In A Steampunk World

Reviews: Johanna Draper Carlson on The Oven.

The Best Graphic Novels of 2015

December’s Top Picks in Manga, according to Barnes and Noble

Does the Dark Knight Celebrate Christmas? Five Yuletide Batman Adventures

Female Superheroes Arrived in 2015

Here's Your 2015 Marvel Gift Guide

If You Like Into the Badlands, You’ll Love These Comics

Rob Salkowitz looks at the top five comics stories of the year, from the Charlie Hebdo shootings to convention consolidation.

Speeding Bullets and Changing Lanes: "Steel is a funny sort of metal. It may be impossibly strong, but it can also be inflexible, unchanging. And a man of steel must, ultimately, exhibit these shortcomings."

Supergirl: Now That’s How You Reveal a Secret Identity!

Wolverine Pin-Up Gallery

X-Men: Apocalypse poster is survival of the strongest

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