Friday, September 18, 2015

Fan Art Round-Up: Pacific Rim

"パシフィック・リム" by カトウ ユウ
Pacific Rim Fan Art Gallery

Pacific Rim is one of those movies that come along once every few years that remind you forcefully that, even should television screens one day reach Bradbury proportions, there's always going to be a place in the American heart for the cinema experience.  The movie's plot doesn't make a hell of a lot of real world sense, but it's a wild ride.  Robots, kaiju, mad scientists - Pacific Rim has it all.  So when news came down that Pacific Rim 2 has been "Halted Indefinitely," it was heart-breaking.

This week, we've rounded up some of the best Pacific Rim fan art to be found around the web.  As always, if you think we've missed something, leave a comment below!

Edit: Guillermo del Toro insists Pacific Rim 2 is still happening!

"敬意を払え" by Kakotomirai

"死んだとは思うが" by Kakotomirai

"パシフィック・リム" by Azul

"パシフィック・リム" by 金村 連

"PacificRim" by Tatsuya

"Pacific Rim - Cherno Alpha" by Samid Khodjaev (BigTeslaFist415)

Prints available for purchase from Society6.

Gamera: Pacific Rim print by KaijuSamurai

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