Friday, September 25, 2015

Comic Round-Up: September 25, 2015

Sandman by Elvin Ching

"Sandman" by Elvin Ching

Interview: A Chat With Marc Guggenheim On Jonas Quantum: The World's Most Intelligent Superhero

News: Jan Elliot is suspending the daily Stone Soup strip. She'll continue to do Sundays.

News: The next issue of Charlie Hebdo will be the last for the cartoonist Luz

News: The Ninth Circuit Curt of Appeal has ruled that DC owns the trademark on the Batmobile—file this under not too surprising. The case came when DC decided to sue Mark Towle’s Gotham Garage, a custom car outfit that made replica Batmobiles based on the 60s TV show and the 80s films.

Reviews: Rob Clough on Friends.  Sean Gaffney on One-Punch Man Vols. 1-2.  RC Harvey on Modesty Blaise. Todd Klein on Green Lantern #44. Paul O'Brien on Giant-Size Little Marvel AvX.

The 10 Most Stylish Female Comic Book Characters

CBR takes a look at The iPad Pro and Comics Creation

David Press looks forward to the next iteration of Marvel's Daredevil comic book, which he notes is like a return to the super-grim style that was successful in runs by writers such as Frank Miller

Hope Nicholson promises updates on The Secret Loves Of Geek Girls at Facebook

James Whitbrook mourns Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman and Batman '66, quality comic book series in the latest group of cancellations.

Laura Hudson profiles Kate Beaton, webcomics artist. “We’re at the age now where you could cross the line and be out of touch, because the kids in comics now feel like they’re like 10 steps ahead of us. They come out of the womb proficient in Photoshop; they know how to use computers and construct humor in ways that so many really great artists I know didn’t, at least at their age. I don’t know if that’ll make them better in the long run, but they come out of the gates like superstars.”

Michael Dooley pays a visit to the exhibit “Comic Book Apocalypse: The Graphic World of Jack Kirby” at Cal State Northridge Art Galleries, and includes plenty of photos.

Why don’t we talk about manga when we talk about comics? Three experts — manga blogger Deb Aoki, Anime News Network columnist Mike Toole and comics creator Faith Erin Hicks — discuss the differences between manga and American comics in terms of both the industry and the audience.

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