Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Tech: Pokemon Game Boy Color

"New console on Pokemon's theme ; This time it's about Unown Ruins. This console has been made for "Gogetoad", his nickname is written in Unown alphabet in the back of the console. A and B buttons are also written the same way. On the front of the console, we can easily recognize Kanto's map, wheareas Johto's is on the back. One small anecdote: in 2014 I had made another Pokemon console (blue, red and Togepi), annoncing that this serie would continue chronologically and follow the TV show and video games. Thus, this console is using Gold and Silver universe... émoticône smile I am going to do something else for Suicune.

The purpose of this creation was to give te illusion that it's an old and mysterious artefact found in the ruins."

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