Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Comic Round-Up: September 30, 2015

Spider-Man by Ryan Kinnaird

"Spider-Man" by Ryan Kinnaird

Interview: Gilbert Hernandez talks about teaming up with Darwyn Cooke for his new Vertigo series Twilight Children

Interview: Neil Googe, who draws for DC Comics and a number of tabletop games, talks about the nuts and bolts of working as a comics artist.

Interview: Rob Salkowitz writes about the popularity of comics festivals, as opposed to the more commercial comic cons, and how the business model is different

News: Malaysian cartoonist Zunar (currently facing nine charges of sedition) announced Monday that another of his books is drawing government scrutiny, as police are questioning the sales assistant who handles online sales of his book Sapuman – Man of Steal.

News: New Black Panther writer Ta-Nehisi Coates is one of the few people with a comics element in their professional lives to win a MacArthur Grant.

News: At the Diamond Retailer Summit, where the news was mixed: Comics sales are up this year, but the increase is smaller than in 2013, triggering fears that the market is cooling down.

Reviews: Noah Berlatsky would like to tell you why xkcd is the 21st Century's best comic.  Rob Clough on The Cigar The Fell In Love With A Pipe. Sunny on Howard The Duck Vol. 00.

Chris Evans Reveals Why Captain America Is Fighting Iron Man in "Civil War"

Comics are flourishing in Egypt since the 2011 revolution.

Here's a comic about that very odd "vote to kill Robin" promotion DC did once upon a time. It was certainly memorable, and at times I wonder if that would play differently now.

How GOTHAM Went From Good To Must-Watch This Season

A More Right-Wing DC Comics For 2016?

New York’s Carmine Comics has started offering 3D printing services for comics artists as well as a marketplace to sell the finished works.

As Variety Comics, the oldest comic shop in Chicago, closes its doors, Zoe Eitel talks to the owners and then takes a look at the bigger picture of where comics are going.

Writer Mark Millar would like to throw the spotlight on some young talent by having them do stories with his characters.

Zeek Comics and Games in Washington, Illinois, has opened its doors. “This store is like a dream come true. Ever since I was a small child I’ve always wanted a place that I could go to and play card games,” says co-owner Nate Nieves

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