Thursday, September 24, 2015

Short Film: Just The One Of Us

"Just The One Of Us" Written and Directed by Paul Trillo

"Just The One Of Us" is a serene but melancholy short film about a man who discovers his doppelganger online. While the story itself is grounded in reality, it serves as a deeper metaphor for those crisis points in our lives where we wonder what we might have done differently.
"While surfing the internet one day, Byron stumbles upon a facial recognition app that allows him to identify his doppelganger then use social media to track him down.

This film was commissioned by Samsung and produced through Vimeo for the Samsung Connected Series. Vimeo asked creators to come up with ideas around how technology connects people. I had this idea about how facial recognition technology could be used to find similar looking people. It was something that was entirely possible but also very bizarre and funny. I tried to keep that balance of absurdity and unexpected realism in the film."

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