Friday, September 18, 2015

Comic Round-Up: September 18, 2015

Arkham Knight by Stjepan Šejić

"Arkham Knight" by Stjepan Šejić

Interview: Cougar and Rich Andrebou, owners of the Whatever Store in the Castro district of San Francisco, talk about their 10 years in the business.

Interview: Joel Meadows talks to Jamie Delano.

Interview: Marc Guggenheim Talks The Infinite Adventures Of Jonas Quantum

News: DC Entertainment announced through the Hollywood Reporter's "Heat Vision" blog that it has come to an agreement with the family of the writer Bill Finger about his contributions to DC's Batman property.

Previews: Guardians Of The Galaxy relaunch

Reviews: Rob Bricken on Democracy. Michael Buntag on Seconds.  Rob Clough on Flop To The Top and the autobiographical comics of Gabrielle Bell. Robert Kirby on For Lovers Only.  Matt Little on Tokyo Ghost #1. Doug Zawisza on Captain America: White #1. Zendobot on Tokyo Ghost #1.

11 things you probably didn't know about comic books

Aaron Scott profiles C. Spike Trotman.

All the ladies: Female-fronted comic book recommendations

Are The Inhumans Killing Off The X-Men

Get a load of the solid cast for Marvel and Netflix’s Luke Cage.

Glenn Walker would like to explain Crisis On Infinite Earths from a Flash-centric point of view, which I guess works right now because of the TV show.

Joshua Barajas profiles Kate Beaton.

King Features strips from the forthcoming Library Of American Comics book.

Many superhero comic books have historical Jewish roots

Sebastian Stan stirs up Marvel vs. DC Comics rivalry with "mimic" movie response

Top 10 reasons to go comic book crazy!

Trouble With Comics writers pick powerful and affecting graphic novels.

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