Friday, August 14, 2015

Link Round-Up: August 14, 2015

Pans Labyrinth by darkeyez07

"Pan’s Labyrinth" by Philippines-based Franklin Vincent

9 Stories From the Forgotten Realms That Should Make Their Way into the D&D Movieverse

3D-printed violin looks like a sci-fi sea creature

Architects want to build a replica of a Lord of the Rings city for $2.8 billion

Do Characters Belong to Their Fans or Their Creators?

Geek Bar's fans rescue it from oblivion—but was it worth saving?

Has geek culture finally embraced gender parity?  Female fans attended the San Diego Comic-Con in equal numbers to their male counterparts, as publishers at last begin to take women more seriously.  Also published as "Comic-Con 2015 and gender parity: Here’s why the geek stereotype will soon be dead."

Infographic: The Influence of Star Wars on Film and TV

Is it possible that the extended edition of The Battle of the Five Armies could be even more violent than the version shown in theaters? theorizes that will be so.

Meet Syd Mead, the Artist Who Illustrates the Future

Newest Samurai Star Wars Figure by Tamashii Nations is Boba Fett

Okilly Dokilly, the Metal Band Based Entirely on Ned Flanders

Spiderman would be way less cool if he wasn't living in a city

Thoughtful AlphabetsEdward Gorey’s cryptic and brilliant 26-word stories, in which the word begin with the letters of the alphabet in order and the story progresses as the alphabet does in parallel.

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