Monday, August 10, 2015

Link Round-Up: August 10, 2015

Star Wars Illustrations by Carlos Valenzuela

"Darth Maul" by Chile-based Carlos Valenzuela

Alex Ross picks the Top 10 Alex Ross paintings by Alex Ross!

How beauty and wardrobe humanize the robots in Ex Machina and AMC’s Humans.

It is so hot, we would take any pop culture character as popsicles… but Adventure Time is a great place to start.

Just one awesome example of Star Trek‘s dedication to diversity.

This Star Trek parody is painful, but, maybe in the good way? How can we ever truly know the difference between “good” and “evil”?

"What is significant about fan fiction is that it often spins the kind of stories that showrunners wouldn’t think to tell, because fanficcers often come from a different demographic. The discomfort seems to be not that the shows are being reinterpreted by fans, but that they are being reinterpreted by the wrong sorts of fans - women, people of colour, queer kids, horny teenagers, people who are not professional writers, people who actually care about continuity (sorry). The proper way for cultural mythmaking to progress, it is implied, is for privileged men to recreate the works of privileged men from previous generations whilst everyone else listens quietly."

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