Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Lego Creation: Groot Minifig

This awesome Groot LEGO minifig was created by MikMikEternity.  It was created from a standard LEGO minifig, a bit of “Green Stuff” epoxy putty, and a lot of carefully applied paint.  Visit MikMikEternity’s Flickr page or Instagram feed for more of his phenomenal custom LEGO minifigs.
"Finally after two weeks worth of delay, I present my custom Groot! This is my first fully sculpted custom with Green Stuff, and have learned a lot about green stuff over the course of making Groot!

The paints I used to make Groot were mainly Delta paints and Apple Barrel, and some folk art as well! The legs, arms, and body have all been extended and I really have to give credit to Logan Fulford for that idea or else I would've used some woody arms and legs. The sculpt job was based heavily off of the sixth scale figure, but with some edits with inspiration from Dylan ( Moosefigs) and again Logan Fulford. The back was not sculpted and I just gave it a paint job, which I still like just as much and overall I love how he turned out! I think my favourite parts would either be the likeness of the face, or the legs! Tell me what you think down below, and I'm thinking of doing a Q & A so if you've got any questions feel free to ask!"

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