Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Comic Round-Up: August 18, 2015

Overhanging by Yvan Quinet

"Overhanging" by Switzerland-based Yvan Quinet (wyv1)

Event: Comics creator Ash Maczko (Squarriors) is hosting his own comics and pop culture convention, Lake Count-I-Con, which will feature creator appearances, contests, gaming, and a bar that serves craft beers, all for $5 per person, free to active military and children 12 and under. 

Interview: Dharavi Comics Epidemic: An Interview with Chaitanya Modak

Interview: Glenn Head Talks Honesty and Art in CHICAGO

Interview: Interview with Udon’s Stacy King, Manga Classics Editor

Interview: Paul Tobin and Colleen Coover Explain How Bandette Can Be Bright and Fun and Scary All At Once

Reviews: Katherine Dacey on a bunch of different works of manga.  RC Harvey on the comics of Otto Soglow.  Alex Hoffman on Mother #1. Matt Little on Secret Wars #5. Tom Murphy on a bunch of different comics. Nate Patrin on Island #1.

An untranslated catchphrase in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure leads Deb Aoki and a group of translators and manga readers into a lively Twitter discussion about authenticity versus accessibility and the influence of scanlations (bootleg translations) on commercial manga.

DC is apparently going to give us the long-delayed Batman: Europa.

In an attempt to avoid the sort of bad press they got last year, organizers of Rhode Island Comic Con put a clause in this year’s press application requiring news organizations promise to avoid “insulting or disrespectful comments and giving a bad image of the show” in order to get press passes.  As you might guess, it didn't turn out well for them.

Kevin Wong argues that Snoopy killed the Peanuts strip.  I personally disagree.  I think it just the opposite; it extended the comic's appeal to younger audiences, guaranteeing an audience continuity between generations.  Still, it's a well-argued piece.

Now that Fables is over, what does the future hold for Vertigo? Shaenon Garrity writes about the 2015 lineup, but notes the DC imprint lack a flagship title. The article puts into perspective how important this Fall's launches might be for the future of that imprint.

The Trouble With Comics crew try to figure out the perfect comics shop.

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