Friday, January 30, 2015

Fan Art: Darth Vader

Darth Vader by Furio Tedeschi

Darth Vader by Johannesburg, South Africa-based Furio Tedeschi

A few days back the Brainstorm Facebook group posted the results of it's 17th challenge, which was a character of redesign of Darth Vader.  Since then, dozens, maybe hundreds of artists have posted illustrations in response.  Here, we've rounded up some of the best examples, though it was difficult to pick, given the caliber of the results.  Some of them are high-tech, some of them are horrific, and some of them are down right silly, but all of them are fantastic.

Darth Vader by Zudarts Lee

JARL VADER, Son of Muspelheim by Nicolas Lizotte

My Vader by Ming Yee Sheh

Emperors Champion: Lord Vader

Emperor’s Champion: Lord Vader by Ulsan, Korea-based 진우 박 (Jin Woo Park)

Lord Vader and this troops by Patrik Rosander

"Lord Vader and this troops" by Skovde, Sweden-based Patrik Rosander
"Did a redesign of Darth Vader and a storm trooper, placing them in Japan with like semi historically accurate equipment. The comp is a reference / homage to Darth Vader’s reveal scene in the first movie."
Vadar by Zezhou Chen

Darth Vader Redesign by Joshua Cairos

Darth Vader Redesign by Çağlayan Göksoy

Medieval Darth Vader
klaus wittmann

"Medieval Darth Vader" by Warsaw, Poland-based Klaus Wittmann

WWII Vader by eyellusive

"WWII Vader" by Eyellusive

Dark Fantasy redesign of Darth Vader

"Dark Fantasy redesign of Darth Vader. Done for the Brainstorm facebook group challenge: Star Wars Dark Side redesign. I wanted to make a fantasy version of Vader that would look at home in the Dark Souls universe.

Design inspiration came from samurai armour and kabuto, the “Dark Set” armour from Dark Souls and the setting of the sith in the ep7 teaser."
Darth Vader and the Valley of the Wind - Created by Nell Fallcard
Done for the Darth Vader Brainstorm Challenge. You can follow the artist on Facebook and Twitter, or purchase prints on Society6.

Prints available for purchase from Society6. US$24.99

Lord Vader by Tom Long

"Lord Vader" by UK-based Tom Long

Medieval Lord Vader Custom Armor by Azmal

Samurai Darth Vader by Danel Yessaliyeva

"Vader Redesign" by Romania-based Nagy Norbert

"Darth Vader" by France-based Edward Delandre

"Darth Vader" by Malaysia-based Ivan Tao
"Darth Vader redesign sketch for Brainstorm challenge 17... First time draw tis character, have fun too..."

"My interpretation of Star Wars characters with a Samurai Motif."
Darth Vader 2.0 by Cedric Cave

"Darth Vader 2.0" by Cedric Cave

Vader redesign by Marc Sampson

"Vader redesign" by Vienna, Austria-based Marc Sampson

Stone Age Vader by Albert Urmanov

"Stone Age Vader" by Albert Urmanov

"Darth Vader Remix 02" by David T. Cheong

Darth Vader Redesign by Aedel Fakhrie

Darth Vader Redesign by Howard Pak

Darth Vader Re-Design by Lap Pun Cheung

"Darth Vader's Entrance" by Hamburg, Germany-based Lap Pun Cheung

A badass take on Star Wars by artist Steve Wang.

Star Wars: Darth Ghiblis Entrance by Lap Pun Cheung

Darth Vader by Landy Andria

"Darth Vader" by Madagascar-based Landy Andria

Samurai Vader by Mark Chang

Vader by Simon Fetscher

Darth Vader Redesign by Patricio Clarey

Darth Vader Redesign by Barcelona, Spain-based Patricio Clarey

Darth Vader Redesign by Rafael Amarante

Darth Vader Redesign by São Paulo, Brazil-based Rafael Amarante

Vader by Ju-Hui Zhou

Vader by Alex Tilica

"Vader" by Romania-based Alex Tilica

"Awesome work everyone! Here's a take on Darth Vader, medieval version. Had so much trouble with the dark materials, good practice though! Might continue this if I have the time"

"There's a bit of Darth Cylon Shredder Vader The Humongous Cenobyte action going on here"

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