Friday, January 30, 2015

Link Round-Up: January 30, 2015

Interview: Sense of Wonder talks with three of the artists that have illustrated Brandon Sanderson's works: Jon Foster, Ben McSweeney, Michael Whelan

Aziz Ansari, Paulo Coelho, Julia Alvarez Now on Chipotle Cups and Bags

Essential Guide to Living Lovecraft: The Real World Locations Behind the Horror

Exceptional British Scifi Artwork from the 1950s

A few days ago, Graffiti artist INSA made a massive animated painting in Rio de Janeiro. Over four days he painted an area of 154,774 square feet (14,379 square meters) with the help of 20 assistants. The painting states were captured by a satellite to create this GIF, the biggest ever.

“I am No Man” Doesn’t Cut It: The Story of Eowyn

io9 contemplates The Difference Between A Great Twist And A Mediocre Twist: "A meh twist pulls the rug out from under the audience. But a good twist pulls the rug out from under the characters."

Lego’s Fabled SHIELD Helicarrier is Real, and it’s Spectacular.  Take a closer look in this official LEGO preview video on YouTube.

"The Pomegranate Architect" is an unpublished essay by my favorite author, Ray Bradbury.  It turns out that he had more than a passing interest in architecture.

Why Every Movie Looks Sort of Orange and Blue

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